We're currently closed.

Snipette has stopped regular publication, as of June 2023. Due to this, the Writers' Programme is also on hold.

However, the Snipette team is still very much into editing! So if you're interested in writing we'd love to connect. Feel free to drop us a line as well as join our mailing list to stay updated on whatever we work on next!

The original Writers' Programme website remains up, minus the signup form, for posterity.

Snipette Writers' Programme

You write. We set it right.

Want to write an article, but don't know how to go about it? The Snipette Writers' Programme is here to help. And it's free!

Aspiring writers

Whether it's giving you tips or writing paragraphs for you—we'll help you as much or as little as you need.

  • Brainstorming help
  • Layout and structure
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Custom illustrations

Scientists & researchers

Share your work beyond its specific niche. Put your technical writing on hold and let creativity run wild—because it's time the rest of the world knows what you're doing.

  • Use stories to showcase the science
  • Explain points using metaphors
  • Grip readers with fiction techniques

Established writers

Try out a new writing style, with new quirky rules. What we're doing here is neither fact nor fiction—but something in between.

  • Breathe new life into old pieces
  • Try out new writing styles
  • New people to brainstorm with

or, skip the Programme and write for us directly.



That's right—it's free!

You can even earn money through the Medium Partner Programme. We're working on setting up our own monetisation strategy too: let us know if you want to know more.

You give us

  • Content written in the Snipette Style
  • Rights to publish your piece on our website and Medium publication
  • Credit-lines to Snipette if you re-post elsewhere
  • Good company to work with ;)

We give you

  • Help and guidance creating your piece
  • More exposure for your piece
  • Custom illustrations
  • Rights to re-post anywhere you like*
Read the full terms

How it works

We understand that no two peoples’ requirements of us will be the same. No two people’s ideas or problems or finished products will be identical. Having said that, we do have some ideas about the system, that will hold constant for all our applicants

And that's it! Time to sit back and show off your brand-new article :)

Ready to give us a spin?

Apply now

Or, email editors@snipettemag.com to know more

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